• Payment should be made within 2 days after an auction or purchase has finished. We will send you an item within 10 days after we receive it from a seller.

  • A new order cannot be taken until the latest payment has been made. Please pay a deposit or pay within a day if you would like to bid on several items sequentially.

  • A late-payment penalty may be imposed if necessary.

  • Our commission is 8% of a winning bid and a transaction fee of 1000 yen.
    This covers shipping from a seller and a money transfer to the seller.

  • If a winning bid is less than 10000 yen, the commission is fixed at 800 yen.

  • Multiple auctions are allowed and shipping can be combined. But a payment should be made each time. You can save on shipping fees by bundling items together. We can keep items for up to a month or until a standard shipping box is full.

  • PayPal and bankwire are welcome. PayPal with credit card needs a 4% surcharge.

  • We do our best if trouble arises with a seller. However, a sales fraud or missing item are not our responsibility and cannot be insured. We will not be held liable if the responsibility rests with a seller or a shipping company.

  • If an item is illegal in your country, we cannot bid on it.

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